My father suffered from ostioarthritis most of his adult life. His manifestation of the disease was full spinal fusion. He had approximately 15° rotation at the basal skull C 1 joint. in his later years he was a prolific  writer of his life experiences, and when he left this world he left his writings as clues. At the time I did not know to what. Reading one of his letters he expounded on how great it was to have a crop sugar cane grown for 1 season here in the dawson area. He explain to me how his family and all the neighbors were really happy to have this sweet sugar cane. being from a frugal family even the animals enjoyed and benefited from the bountiful cane crop.

A maxim of competition is “if you do what every one else does you get what every one else gets” if things are scarse and you are doing what every one else is doing you dilute the scarcity pool even more driving down the price. If things are abundant and you are doing what every one else is doing you delete the pool even more driving down the price. Either way your diluting the pool. Goods cheap or goods expensive are less so because of your presence, the idea is like playing golf, try to play yourself, not the other people on the course. 

The things that mother nature gives affect diffrent crops diffrently. Once again if your doing what everyone else  is doing you get what everyone

else gets. Having diversity is benificial in buisness and environment. Its the classic vonage vs att comercial where “we all bundle”.

Another nudge came from what was already actively growing in the area namely cane break cane  johnson grass and costal bermuda grass. All specie grow from ryzome production. The Sandy loam soil is ideal for segmented ryzome producing plants and grasses, as sugar cane is a grass and grows by root and shoot production from the ring between segments of stalk.thus  this land is an ideal medium to grow sugarcane. Its color varies from dark milk choclate brown when recently wet to caramel when slightly dry to  tan when dry.
image just a hole dug for cane