“THIS FEE SCEDULE HAS BEEN SUPERSEDED BY THE  ABOVE POSTED FEE SCHEDULE IN CONTINUITY AND CONTINIOUS USE UNTIL ONE SECOND AFTER THE ABOVE POST WAS RECORDED AND  POSTED FOR  PUBLIC VIEWING this document is for forensic tracking purposes only and shall not be used for determining transgressor fees”. Kenneth Paul

Kenneth Paul living soulfilled son of Jack Ross of the clan© MATTHEWS

Temporary post location

C/o 10201 27 th st.

Santa Fe, Texas seven seven five one zero

As you are reading this publicly recorded Notice of Intent and Fee Schedule, it is prima facie evidence that you are taking action and attempting to contract or have already taken action requiring contract with Kenneth Paul. After contract you may continue at your desire and ability to pay. Kenneth Paul living soul filled son of Jack Ross of the clan© MATTHEWS gives nothing away for free and any claim must also present a affidavit signed by Kenneth Paul living soul

filled son of Jack Ross of the clan© MATTHEWS stating the item to be give3n away after signature on affidavit

Mandatory requirements, terms.

This foregoing Notice of Intent – Fee Schedule is a schedule of mandatory fees provided by Executor on behalf of the clan Matthews. As progenitor per family record, I do hereby set forth fees to be instated in any business or transactions dealing with clan Matthews or any occupants therein for any business conducted relevant to this schedule. Fees are due and payable in full in lawful money (.999 fine grade silver or .999 fine grade gold) immediately after the conclusion of transaction, as the amount stated below. At the discretion of the executor Kenneth Paul an alternate payment of wholly owned equitable value in lands homes, chattel stocks, bonds, insurance, negotiable instruments and or accounts may be accepted after the value is established by executor Kenneth Paul at his sole determination.

Any action upon, for, to, or against including interference, obstruction, impediment, coercion, intimidation, abuse, battery, stalking, harassment, detainment, injury, resistance, piracy, or otherwise harm or damage to any and all occupants of the clan Matthews. The 43.75 Troy ounces of .999 pure gold (Au) hourly rate of exchange accrues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you would like to continue with this transaction, this fee schedule is herein, and below, for your convenience, if you would like to transact with Kenneth Paul further.

Fee Schedule is applicable per occurrence and includes any third party defendant(s), agent(s), agency(s), agency(s) by estopple, corporate officers, corporations, business partners, instrumentalities, Persons, persons, groups associations and any and all national security attempts contrary to State security.

All claims are stated in lawful money as defined: at par value of .999 pure silver (Ag) or .999 pure gold (Au) or equivalent in US Postal money order(s).

Kenneth Paul, living soul filled son of Jack Ross

of the clan© MATTHEWS clan Progenitor

*All amounts expressed in Troy ounces.

Private Easements Schedule

    Penalty for Private Use                    147

Public Easements Schedule

Penalty for Public Use                        147

These fees will be mandated upon the informant listed on the traffic citation ticket(s), arrest warrants, detention orders, seizure orders. Hourly fees are one (1) hour minimum unless otherwise specified.

Produce trade name materials:

a. Name                                3

b. Drivers License Number                        3

c. Social Security Number                        59

d. Retinal Scans                            2941

e. Fingerprinting                            118

f. Photographing                            118

g. DNA                                2941

    1. Mouth swab                            2941

    2. Blood samples                        2941

    3. Urine samples                        2941

    4. Breathalyzer testing                    2941

    5. Hair samples                        2941

    6. Skin samples                        2941

    7. Clothing samples                        2941

    8. Forced giving of fluids/samples                2941

Issue Traffic citations and tickets of any traffic nature:

  1. Citations                        35
  2. Warning issued on Paper Ticket            15

Appearance in court because of traffic citations:

  1. Time in court                        44
  2. If Fine is imposed                    295

Car / Personal Property Trespass, Carjacking, Theft, Interference with travel, Interference with Commerce,

  1. Agency by Estoppel                    3
  2. Color of Law                        88
  3. Implied Color of Law                    88
  4. Criminal Coercion                    295
  5. Criminal Contempt of court                295
  6. Estoppel by Election                    206
  7. Estoppel by Laches                    206
  8. Equitable Estoppel                    295
  9. Fraud                             588
  10. Fraud upon the court                    1176
  11. Larceny                        147
  12. Grand Larceny                        147
  13. Larceny by Extortion                    588
  14. Larceny by Trick                    588
  15. Obstruction of Justice                    59
  16. Obtaining Property by False Pretenses        588
  17. Simulating Legal Process                588
  18. Vexatious Litigation                    2941
  19. Trespass upon Motor Conveyance            59
  20. Unauthorized Relocation of Motor Conveyance        59
  21. Seizure of Motor Conveyance    (lawful or not lawful) 59
  22. Removal of any property or Cargo from vessel        59
  23. Theft of License Plate                    6
  24. Unlawful Lien on Motor Conveyance            3

Use of trade name protected material under threat, duress, and/ or coercion:

  1. Proper name written by the informant            147
  2. Name written by the informant            147
  3. Drivers License written by informant            88
  4. Social Security Number written by informant        88
  5. Miscellaneous Material written by informant        295

Produce any personal information/property for any kind of business interaction:

a. Financial Information                     59

b. Property inside of motor vehicle            88

Time Usage for traffic stops:

a. 30 minutes                         3 (1 minimum 30 minutes)

b. 60 minutes                        6

  1. 90 minutes                        9

Court Appearance Schedule

    These fees ARE REQUIRED TO be paid immediately after my case is finished.

Failure to pay fines and fees will have an additional fee of $5000.00 per day for breach of contract.

Demand for Appearance in court:

  1. My Appearance
    1. under protest and duress:                44/hour
    2. Voluntarily                        6/hour

Use of Executive Authorization                    73.5

Use of trade name material

  1. Name
    1. under protest and duress:                14.75
    2. Voluntarily                        6
  2. Drivers License
    1. under protest and duress:                14.75
    2. Voluntarily                        6
  3. Social Security Number
    1. under protest and duress:                14.75
    2. Voluntarily                        6
  4. Miscellaneous Material                 14.75
  5. Produce any personal information for any kind of business interaction:
  6. Financial Information                    6
  7. Drivers License                     6
  8. Social Security Number                 147
  9. Any documents produced by me            6 per document

Time usage for court appearances:

  1. 30 minutes
    1. Under Protest and Duress                20
    2. Voluntarily                        6
    3. 60 minutes                        44
    4. Involuntarily                        12
  2. 90 minutes or more
    1. Under Protest and Duress                60
    2. Voluntarily                        17.75

Transgressions-Fee Schedule

Transgressions by public official(s), police officer(s), judge(s), attorney(s), and all other who desire to contract:

  1. Failure to honor God Given Rights     111.75
  2. Failure to honor Oath of Office 29.5
  3. Failure to honor Constitutional Oath 29.5
  4. Failure to honor Written and/or Oral Word 3
  5. Silence/Dishonor/Default 3
  6. Failure to honor /No Bond 3
  1. Phone call to telephone number used by

    Executor including from alleged debt collectors 3 each

    1. Telephone message left on phone, service or

      equipment for Executor                3 each

    2. Use of Street Address/Mailing location of     3 each
    3. Time Waiting for Scheduled Service 2/3/hour
    4. Man Stealing                    44/hour
    5. Kidnapping by fraud                44/hour
    6. Detention from Free Movement and/or cuffed     44/hour
    7. Incarceration 44/hour

Failure to Follow Federal and/or State Statutes,

Codes, Rules and/or Regulations 29.5

Failure to State a Claim upon which relief can be granted 147

Failure to Present a Living Injured or Harmed Party59

Failure to Provide Contract Signed by the Parties 59*

Failure to Provide IRS 1099OID(s), and Other IRS Reporting

Form(s) Requirements upon Request 59*

Default By Non Response or Incomplete Response 59*

Fraud 588*

Racketeering 588*

Theft of Public Funds 588*

Dishonor in Commerce 588*

Failure to pay Counterclaim in full within (30)

Thirty Calendar Days of Default as set forth herein 588**

Perverting of Justice Judgment 588*

  1. Use of Common-law Trade-name/Trade-mark

After One Warning (per each occurrence)         29.5 Each

w. Forcing psychiatric evaluations             295 per day

  1. Refusal to provide adequate and proper nutrition

while incarcerated                  29.5 per day

Refusal to provide proper exercise while

incarcerated                  29.5 per day

  1. Refusal to provide proper dental care while

    Incarcerated                      29.5 per day

  2. Forced giving of body fluids             2941 per day
  3. Forced injections/inoculations, vaccines         2941 per day
  4. Forced separation from marriage contract         95 per day
  5. Confiscation/kidnapping of a body not a US

    Citizen                         942 per day

  6. Corporate State continuing a mortgage for more

Than five years in violation of Banking Act of

1864 which takes precedence over current

Statutes at large                      942 per day

e.e. Attempted extortion of funds from birth certificate

account, Social security account or any other

associated accounts by fraud, deception and

or Forgery by any agent, entity or corporation     3930 per count or charge

f.f. Attempted extortion of signature             3930 per count or charge

g.g.Attempted forgery of signature             3930 per count or charge

*Per Occurrence and Includes any Third Party Defendant

** All claims are stated in US Dollars which means that a US Dollar will be defined, for this purpose as a One Ounce Silver Coin of .999 pure silver or the equivalent par value as established by law or the exchange rate, as set by the US Mint, whichever is the higher amount, for a certified One Ounce Silver Coin (US Silver Dollar) at the time of the first day of default as set forth herein; if the claim is to be paid in Federal Reserve Notes, Federal Reserve Notes will only be assessed at Par Value as indicated above.

Total damages will be assessed as the total amount of the damages as set forth herein times three (3) for a total of all damages as set forth in subsections a-w added to three (3) times the damages for punitive or other additional damages.

Kidnapping (If an alleged officer removes free soul more

than 5 feet from free soul’s property without just cause,

it IS kidnapping)


Services to people/others and/or Corporation(s):

    a. Studying 1/3 per hour

    while under threat, duress, coercion            44 per hour

b. Analyzing 1/3 per hour

    while under threat, duress, coercion            44 per hour

c. Research 1/3 per hour

    while under threat, duress, coercion            44 per hour

    d. Preparing documents 1/3 per hour

    while under threat, duress, coercion 44 per hour            44 per hour

e. Answering Questions 1/3 per hour

while under threat, duress, coercion 44 per hour

f. Providing Information 1/3 per hour

    while under threat, duress, coercion 44 per hour

If invoiced, payment is due 15 days after receipt date.

Make all payments in the form of United States of America legal tender to:

Progenitor Kenneth Paul

soul filled living son

of Jack Ross of clan© Matthews

C/o temporary post location

10201 27 th st.

near Santa Fe,

and Texas state

seven seven five one zero SEAL

Kenneth Paul soul filled living son

of Jack Ross Of clan Matthews